When We Dream

by The Phorms

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Recorded in the summer of 2014 in the homes of the Dietz and Akbarkhanzadeh residence, as well as the church hall of St. Timothy's. It is a 4 song EP featuring song one from our first LP that was redone with Jason Dietz' magic. We have had a blast making this and are so excited to share it to the world, please take a seat back and give it a listen!


released October 5, 2014

Recorded and mastered by Jason Dietz. Album art by Oomung Varma. All music by members of The Phorms.



all rights reserved


The Phorms San Jose, California

James Neal and Dylan Bullard, along with the Akbarkhanzadeh twins, Saam and Sina, together make the band from San Jose California, The Phorms. Ranging from many different influences, the four have much chemistry together as a band, bringing art to the ears of listeners. ... more

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Track Name: Invisible Man
Now since I've decided he's the Invisible Man,
The one who claims he's seen it all.
But i know who I am, who am i to judge,
To say that he's only 0 feet tall?
We have him cornered without knowing his face,
Back to a paper thin wall.
Where do we go without knowing his trace,
Do we still search this god damn ball?

When will I see
This man of mystery?
When will I know
When its time to let him go.

Too much of a coward, too much of a man
To think or even see.
But he gives up his time like he gives up his breath,
And forgets about history.
Too much of a coward like his old man,
Is that who he's supposed to be?
Trapped in a box like he's trapped in the world
Waiting to be set free.

When will I see,
This man of mystery?
When will I know,
When its time to let him go.
Track Name: Royal Tea
Is all I really wanna say, but today
We should go grab some royal tea,
Tomorrow how about 7?
And you can tell me all your favorite colors,
And your heaven
And you can tell me about your idea of heaven, oh girl!

It's nice to see your smiling face again
But how did i do the other day?
Was it okay for me?
To tell you all about my favorite colors and my royal tea,
Which does not exist, its just your royal

It's just your royal tea
It's just your royal tea
It's just your royal tea

And walk, down the southern bend of time, with me
Sublime, feelings pierce my outer shell as we walk into the SEA!
Track Name: She Humbles Me
You got my attention,
Did I forget to mention?
You're in my vision,
Was that your intention?
The games we played,
Keep me silent everyday.
But I just wanna hold you,
Grab your hand and walk with you,
But i gotta play it cool
Like I'm some sort of fool!

A fool in love,
With a girl from above.
And the clothes she wears
Makes my heart stop, she makes me stare.
And it ain't my mission to put her in submission.
And it ain't my goal to hide away her soul,

She humbles me,
Like the sky the stars the moon and the sea.
She knows how to know me,
Like everything these eyes have ever seen.


Under the sky of a big dark night,
Right next to you,
Under the moon
Nothing I'd rather do.
Shine so bright,
i can see your eyes,
Perfectly clear.
So clear,
Nothing to fear my dear.
Nothing to fear my dear.
Nothing to fear my dear...
Track Name: When I Dream
I was a boy before the man,
I am today,
Now ain't it a shame?
To think about all the things,
That we don't say everyday.
I am,
Stuck in the box like the boat in the bottle,
and I'm floating down the stream
When I dream.
I'm the man i wanna be in reality,
Ain't it a shame
Everyday i dream.

What goes around comes around,
So they say,
In so many ways.
And I don't feel alive,
When I sleep at night,
When I close my eyes and I dream.


Walk, talk with me,
Where we can be seen
When i dream
When i dream.

Walk, talk with me,
Where we can be seen
In my mind
When i dream.

I feel so alive,
When i dream
In my mind.

I feel like I can fly,
Oooooh oh oh.

I'm not alone
(When i dream!)
I'm not alone
(!hen i dream!)
We're not alone
(When we dream!)
We're not alone
When we dream.